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MGT Training Ltd provides vocational training to the retail, leisure and tourism industries in Scotland.

Michelle Batt established MGT Training Ltd in 2004. As a mother with a family of her own, Maggie was convinced that effective vocational training depends on one-to-one engagement with and motivation of young people. Our staff relates and contributes to trainees through personal example.

We are an established training company working
with over 600 businesses across Scotland.

The Scottish Government funds many of our programmes. We provide employment and vocational training, assessment and qualification services to Scotland’s private sector employers and on behalf of Skills Development Scotland.

Businesses work with us to develop and deliver their ongoing training programmes, confident that we will upgrade skills within their organisation and bring challenge, motivation and qualifications to their workforce. We understand current and upcoming Scottish and national public sector training programmes. We make sure that trainees and employers use them effectively and we take care of all the paperwork for you.

MGT Training achieves demanding levels of trainee qualifications, regularly exceeding Scottish averages and public sector targets. We are proud of our work and the contribution that it makes to individuals, communities, industries and the wider economy in Scotland.


Our approach to vocational training

We focus strongly on the needs of employers and their business developing, delivering, administering and managing complex training programmes for multi-site businesses across Scotland. We work within parameters agreed with each client.

Our staff engages directly with their trainees for one-to-one motivation, encouragement and to understand their approaches to learning and particular personal challenges.

We explain how training ‘works’. We involve current and recent trainees to explain what it is really like to train while working. Trainees get the buzz of learning whilst under pressure as part of a work team and they enjoy meeting and learning with new people:

MGT have successfully guided a large number of our employees through the SVQ programme…developing skills, confidence and realising their true potential

We have seen good leaders and management calibre staff develop…a second chance for those who have not excelled in mainstream education

Vocational Qualifications add value to internal training…help us with staff retention and improve the image of the industry in Scotland Crieff Hydro Scotland leading leisure resort

Crieff Hydro
Scotland leading leisure resort

Trainees recommend their programmes to others, valuing the chance to train and qualify while earning a living. We help trainees gain recognised qualifications and build capabilities for work, life, progress and responsibility.

Our quality standards comply with Skills Development Scotland requirements, which are designed to meet European Foundation for Quality Management standards. We hold written policies for health & safety, disclosure, working with vulnerable groups, equal opportunities and environmental responsibility.

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City & Guilds Learning Assistant is a user-friendly online e-portfolio designed to help MGT deliver more effective and manageable vocational qualifications.


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