MGT Induction

Personal Information

In the event of accident or illness, please give details of the person we should contact and a daytime telephone number:

Before completing the rest of this page please ensure that you have fully read our Hospitality Handbook .

Please read our Privacy Policy statement.
Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability and understanding, your assessor will go over this with you at a later date.
Managers and learners have to complete the feedback surveys on Page 33 (Induction checklist)

1. Take reasonable care of yourself, others and your working environment
2. Cooperate with your employer to enable them to perform their duties
3. To ensure the safe transportation, storage and use of all chemicals that maybe hazardous to your health
4. To control exposure to flour dusts.

1 Keep cuts covered by a suitable waterproof dressing (blue plaster)
2 Keep yourself, your clothing and footwear clean
3 Report if suffering from hay fever allergies
4 Report if suffering from illness, tummy upset or infection

1. Avoid contamination of food and drink
2. Give a professional image to the customers
3. Avoid offending people with bad body odour
4. Give a professional image to your employer

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To enable the above candidate to complete the module effectively, the centre contact / assessor has identified the following special needs:

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Assesor and Candidate to confirm that the following have been explained:

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