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S / NVQ Level 3 Customer Service

Here's what you'll have to do

SVQ 3Customer Service at SCQF Level 6 (2 madatory units and 5 optional units)


Mandatory Units

Candidates must complete the following Units:

Demonstrate Understanding of Customer Service

  • Use accepted customer service language
  • Apply customer service principles in your customer service role

Demonstrate Understanding of the Rules that Impact on Improvements in Customer Service

  • Demonstrate understanding of the organisational rules and procedures that impact on customer service improvements
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the legislation and external regulation that impact on customer service improvements


Optional Units

Candidates must select a total of 5 Optional Units, one from each Group plus and additional unit from any group. Only one unit can be selected from the Optional Units at SCQF level 7 or 8.

Candidates must select one unit from Group A.

Group A

Deal with Customers in Writing or Electronically

  • Use written or electronic communication effectively
  • Plan and send an effective written or electronic communication

Use Customer Service as a Competitive Tool

  • Organise customer service to gain a competitive advantage
  • Deliver a competitive service

Organise the Promotion of Additional Service or Products to Customers

  • Offer additional services or products
  • Organise support to promote use of additional services or products
  • Monitor the promotion of additional services or products

Build a Customer Service Knowledge Set

  • Input details of customer queries and requests and develop responses
  • Use a customer service knowledge base

Candidates must select one unit from Group B

Group B

Deliver Customer Service Using Service Partnerships

  • Work effectively within a customer service chain
  • Build and nurture positive relationships in a customer service chain

Organise the Delivery of Reliable Customer Service

  • Plan and organise the delivery of reliable customer service
  • Review and maintain customer service delivery
  • Use recording systems to maintain reliable customer service

Improve the Customer Relationship

  • Improve communication with your customers
  • Balance the needs of your customer and your organisation
  • Exceed customer expectations to develop the relationships

Candidates must select one unit from Group C

Group C

Monitor and Solve Customer Service Problems

  • Solve immediate customer service problems
  • Identify repeated customer service problems and options for solving them
  • Take action to avoid the repetition of customer service problems

Apply Risk Assessment to Customer Service

  • Analyse customer service processes for risk
  • Assess customer service risks and take appropriate actions

Process Customer Service Complaints

  • Recognise the signs that a query or problem is about to produce a complaint
  • Deal with a complaint effectively

Group D

Work with Others to Improve Customer Service

  • Improve customer service by working with others
  • Monitor your own performance with improving customer service
  • Monitor team performance when improving customer service

Promote Continuous Improvement

  • Plan improvements in customer service based on customer feedback
  • Implement changes in customer service
  • Review changes to promote continuous improvement

Develop Your Own and Others' Customer Service Skills

  • Develop your own customer service skills
  • Plan the coaching of others in customer service
  • Coach others in customer service

Lead a Team to Improve Customer Service

  • Plan and organise the work of a team
  • Provide support for team members
  • Review performance of team members

Gather, Analyse and Interpret Customer Feedback

  • Plan to gather customer feedback
  • Gather customer feedback
  • Analyse and interpret customer feedback

Monitor the Quality of Customer Service Transactions

  • Prepare to monitor the quality of customer service transaction
  • Monitor the quality of customer service transactions
  • Give feedback on the quality of customer service transaction

Implement Quality Improvements to Customer Service

  • Plan the introduction of customer service improvements
  • Manage the implementation of customer service improvements
  • Monitor and evaluate customer service improvements

Plan and Organise the Development of Customer Service Staff

  • Identify customer service staff development and training needs
  • Organise customer service development and training

Develop a Customer Service Strategy for a Part of an Organisation

  • Research and evaluate your organisation's business and customer service strategy
  • Help to identify current and future practice in customer service
  • Identify and recommend the key features of a customer service strategy

Manage a Customer Service Award Programme

  • Plan a customer service award programme
  • Implement and manage a customer service award programme

Apply Technology or Other Resources to Improve Customer Service

  • Identify and specify opportunities for customer service improvement
  • Evaluate options for applying technology or other resource to improve customer service
  • Oversee the implementation of resource changes to improve customer service

Review and Re-Engineer Customer Service Processes

  • Scope the customer service processes to be reviewed
  • Analyse the customer service process and identify improvement opportunities
  • Evaluate improvement options and re-engineer service processes

Manage Customer Service Performance

  • Monitor performance in customer service operations
  • Take management actions to improve performance in customer service operations



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