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S / NVQ Level 2 Playwork

Here's what you'll have to do

SVQ Playwork (4 madatory units and 2 optional units)


Mandatory Units

Candidates must complete the following Units

Support Relationships in the Play Environment

  • Develop and maintain relationships with children and young people
  • Support relationships between children and young people and others in the play environment

Work with Children and Young People to Create Play Spaces and Support Freely Chosen Self-directed Play

  • Work with children and young people to create play spaces
  • Support children and young people's freely chosen, self-directed play

Contribute to the Health, Safey, Security and Welfare of Children and Young People using the Play Environment

  • Support the health, safety and security of children and young people
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Help to safeguard the welfare of children and young people

Help to Imporve your Own Practice and the Work of your Playwork Team

  • Reflect on and improve your playwork practice
  • Support and improve the work of your playwork team


Optional Units

Candidates must complete any 2 optional units:

Contribute to Providing Food and Drink in the Play Environment

Facilitate a Specific Play Opportunity at Children or Young People's Request

  • Plan a specific play opportunity
  • Prepare for a specific play opportunity
  • Implement a specific play opportunity

Support the Development of Playwork Opportunities in the Community

  • Communicate with people in the comunity about your work
  • Support positivie links and partnerships with other organisations and individuals

Contribute to Supporting Disabled Children and Young People in the Play Environment

  • Plan and prepare for playwork with disabled children and young people
  • Carry out playwork and disabled children and young people

Support Work with Parents and Carers in the Play Environment

  • Contribute to working relationships with parents and carers
  • Support the involvement of parents and carers in the play environment

Carry Out Playwork in a School Setting

  • Establish a play space within the school setting
  • Facilitate play in a school setting

Contribute to the Administration of the Play Environment

  • Process financial transactions
  • Provide and collect information relevant to the play environment
  • Maintain records

Support the Travel of Children and Young People Outside the Play Environment

  • Support the arrival and departure of children and young people
  • Support children and young people during travel

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