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S / NVQ Food Service Level 2

Here's what you'll have to do

Food Service at SCQF Level 5 (4 madatory units and 6 optional units)


Mandatory Units

Candidates must complete the following Units:

Maintain a Safe, Hygienic and Secure Working Environment

  • Maintain personal health and hygiene
  • Help to maintain a hygienic, safe and secure workplace

Work Effectively as Part of a Hospitality Team

  • Plan and organise your work
  • Work effectively with team members
  • Develop your own skills

Give Customers a Positive Impression of Yourself and your Organisation

Maintain Food Safety when Storing, Holding and Serving Food

  • Keep yourself clean and hygienic
  • Keep your working area clean and hygienic
  • Store food safely
  • Hold and serve food safely

Optional Units

Candidates must complete 6 optional units:(This must include 2 Units from group 1 with the remaining 4 Units being selected from either Groups 1 or 2, in addition to the mandatory units)

Group 1

Provide a Counter/Takeaway Service

  • Serve customers at the counter
  • Maintain counter and service areas

Prepare and Clear Areas for Table Service

  • Prepare service areas and equipment for table service
  • Prepare customer and dining areas for table service
  • Clear dining and service areas after table service

Serve Food at the Table

  • Greet customers and take orders
  • Serve customer orders and maintain the dining area

Provide a Silver Service

  • Silver serve food
  • Clear finished courses

Provide a Buffet/Carvery Service

  • Prepare and maintain a carvery/buffet display
  • Serve and assist customers at the carvery/buffet


Group 2

Prepare and Clear areas for Counter/Takeaway Service

  • Prepare areas for counter/takeaway service
  • Clear areas for counter/takeaway service

Prepare and Clear the Bar Area

  • Prepare customer and service areas
  • Clear customer and service areas
  • Clean and store glassware

Prepare and Serve Wines

  • Prepare service areas, equipment and stock for wine service
  • Determine customer requirements for wine
  • Present and serve wine

Prepare and Serve Dispensed and Instant Hot Drinks

  • Prepare work area and equipment for service
  • Prepare and serve hot drinks

Prepare and Serve Hot Drinks using Specialist Equipment

  • Prepare work area and equipment for service
  • Prepare and serve hot drinks

Resolve Customer Service Problems

Promote Additional Services or Products to Customers

Deal with Customers across a Language Divide

Maintain Customer Service through Effective Handover

Maintain and Deal with Payments


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